About Globe-Coin

Globe Coin is a crypto revolution driven by community that meets world class standard

Globe coin is peer to peer network that creates revolutionary technology in 2018 to facilitate trading, Pledging, staking ,and networking depending on the size of your needs. Globe coin takes all measures to provide equal benefits and opportunity to all members. With the trust of our community, globe coin is highly committed to provide a profitable long term returns to meet ‘A Class Of Its Own’.Globe Coin offers a world class service to all of its members.

How To Get Started on


Sign up for Globe-Coin

Sign up by just providing your email id, Username, Mobile Number and Password .


Deposit Bitcoins

Create your wallet address through Dashboard to deposit Bitcoins


Buy Globe-Coins

Watch out for ICO tab in Dashboard to buy Globe-Coins

ICO Sale

  • Pre-sale
    500,000 GLB for $0.5/GLB
  • Phase 1
    300,000 GLB for $0.65/GLB
  • Phase 2
    500,000 GLB for $0.75/GLB
  • Phase 3
    700,000 GLB for $0.85/GLB
  • Phase 4
    900,000 GLB for $0.95/GLB
  • Phase 5
    2,000,000 GLB for $1.05/GLB



Roadmap will be updated soon


How to buy GLB?

Here are the 3 steps that you should follow to buy GLB: Register at globe-coin.io Deposit BTC into your Wallet on globe-coin.io Find ICO on globe-coin.io, click ICO then buy GLB

How can we trust in Globe-Coin?

We make our commitment in everything we do, our website, our logo, our marketing campaign, our roadmap, our strategy… We believe that everything we do can satisfy many people. Actions speak louder than words, therefore we will always do our best so that GLB would so far beyond our members’ expectations.

Why is it more beneficial to buy coins now?

They're at the lowest price they'll ever be. The expected price of GLB is $100-$150 Dec 2018.

Which currencies can I use to participate in the ICO?

We only accept Bitcoin for the ICO. It's the most trusted and adopted cryptocurrency.

I have a great following. I want to promote your platform. Can I get a better commission?

Yes, please contact us at [email protected] to negotiate about better referral commissions.

It is safe


The blockchain system allows the ability to protect your account from all hacks.


Guarantees The Safety Of Your Data And Crypto Assets


Easy and user-friendly user interface

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